Bandbio (English)

The band may have looked pretty new, but the names did ring a bell:
Michi Mueller (ex MERRICKS), Christoph Strohmeyer (ROYAL FLARES), Carsten Knappe (ex CHOCOLATE FACTORY) and Harry Vogel (ex HEARTBEATS) have been active for a long time in ardently loved bands of the international sixties-scene, and their much sought-after records have achieved legendary status over the years.
But Smart Patrol were far from being just another sixties-influenced band!
The four guys from Munich joined forces to fuse classic songwriting of the sixties with the sound, power and attitude characteristic of the music revolution of 1976-1978 and this resulted in 12 one-of-a kind powerpop gems wrapped in a tailor-made suit of hooks and melodies on their first LP „Overage Underachievers“.
But don’t mistake them to be retro: the four guys all started out in punk-influenced bands, so in the end they’ve only gone back to their roots, or as they sing in their tribute to Munich’s Atomic Cafe: „It’s time to get back to basics“