1e1 English

Year 2021/22


Q11/1 - 2. Politics in the UK and the USA
  • Lessons 1/2: Political System UK, pts. 2+3
  • Lessons 3/4: The great Fracturing (text + Listening Comprehension)
  • Lessons 5/6:  The Price of being uncool (text House of Lords + Listening Comprehension)
  • Lessons 7/8: The coronation should be secular (text)


Topic I: Society and the individual






Year 2020/21:

Wechselunterricht ab 12.4.2021: Communication and Media
  • As this is a rather demanding, abstract and complex topic I’ll change a few things:
  • While at home please work on the complete text comprehension exercise – this may take between 4 and 6 individual lessons (= the rest of April)
  • While at school we’ll read an excerpt of one of the groundbreaking works of communication theory and try apply the theory in practice.


At home 1 (April 12 – April 30): Text comprehension Facebook
At home 2: (May 3 – 14): Text Comprehension Cybermobbing
At home 3: (May 17 – 21): Noam Chomsky

At school:  Communication


Wechselunterricht ab 15.3.
  • Group 1: Anders – Leitz, at school on 19/3, 25/3
  • Group 2: Lutter – Walser, at school on 18/3, 24/3, 26/3
  • Lessons 13 – 16: Arts and recovery from diseases (please click here to see your assignments while at home!)
  • Lessons 17/18 (Friday, 26/3): Who the f… is Karen?



Some basics - Distanzunterricht
  • Please note that you will have to work on two topics per week, which roughly equals 4 lesson, but of course that also depends on your individual pace- In any case: take your time and work reliably and thoroughly.
  • The Links to each topic will be active every Wednesday morning the latest … and you do know the password (it will be changed once a month)
  • When working from home please take this seriously as it will be essential for your Kolloquium: download the texts, work on all the tasks (including the Listening Comprehension exercises) and compare your findings with my model solutions.
  • The Skype chatroom as well as the Teams channel are online and can be used for questions at any time!
  • We will also have a mandatory video conference in our Teams Channel every Friday
  • The motto for the next weeks is: Don’t panic (and never forget where your towel is)!
  • Howto: transforming your homework into a digital file in the right format (so I can correct it on my iPad) HA-Format


Q 11/2 - 1. Art
Lessons 9/10 (March 10/11): Guerrilla Art
Lessons 11/12 (March 12):  Arts that enrich, engage, and enhance

Lessons 5/6 (March 3/4): Rebuilding the Globe


Q11/1 - 3. George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion
  • Please get the following edition of Pygmalion and read it through over the holidays: Pygmalion
  • If you’re lucky, you might be able to watch the Hollywood version of the musical based on Pygmalion (called „My fair Lady„) on TV some time during the holidays
  • For those who are into reeeeeaally old movies, there is a quite okay-ish 1938 version of the original drama on Youtube!
  • Very important: the questions and answers in the individual lessons make up your „Hefteinträge“, please do not skip that!

Week 6: February 15 – 19

So we’ve finished reading and analysing Pygmalion … not quite:
Please watch the Hollywood version of Pygmalion during the Non-Carnival holidays and compare it to the original. The following points are of particular interest:

  • Which scenes have been omitted and what scenes have been added – why?
  • „My fair Lady“ is a musical – are the songs a nuisance?
  • Do you prefer the drama or the musical?
  • How three-dimensional are the characters in the musical?
  • What do you think about the end of  the usical? Does it do justice to GBS‘ ideas?

Link: My Fair Lady

Week 5: February 8 – 12

Lesson 17
The garden party
Lesson 18
The conflict
(online-)Lesson 19
Analysis IV/V
Lesson 20
The end



Week 4:  February 1 – 5

Lesson 13
Act II – the bet
Online-lesson 15, Friday, Feb. 5, 9.30
The end of Act II


Week 3: January 25 – 29

Lessons 9/10 (Wednesday and Thursday)
Analysis Act I
Lesson 11 (Friday)
Motives in Pygmalion, Act I
Lesson 12 (Friday)
Common people (song)
This is an online-lession, we’ll meet at 10.35 am in our Teams channel
But first download the worksheet from the website and print it out!

Week 2: January 18 – 22

Lessons 5/6 (Wednesday and Thursday)
How to write a popular play (according to GBS)
Lessons 7/8 (Friday)
Preface and Act I, setting and characters (please make sure you’ve worked this through before the video lesson on Friday

Video lesson: Friday, Jan 22, 10.50 am!!!

Week 1: January 11 – 15

Lessons 1/2 (Wednesday and Thursday)
Phonetics, GBS and the origins of Pygmalion
Lessons 3/4 (Friday)
Shaw transforms the theatre


Q11/1 - 2. Politics in the UK and the USA
  • Lesson 1/2: Wednesday, 9/12/2020 + Thursday, 10/12/2020 – Political System UK, pts. 2+3
  • Lessons 3/4: Friday, 11/12/2020 – The great Fracturing (text + Listening Comprehension)
  • Lessons 5/6: Wednesday 16th/Thursday 17th December 2020 – The Price of being uncool (text House of Lords + Listening Comprehension)
  • Lessons 7/8: Friday, 18/12/2020 – The coronation should be secular (text)

Winter holiday grammar extra:
  • Everything you’ve always wanted to know about prepositions