2e1 English
Some basics
  • Please take a look at the course section of this website, download the texts by and by and work on all the tasks (including the Listening Comprehension exercises)
  • those getting ready for the Colloquium will have to scan the texts for relevant info for their exams, of course. The rest of you should send in compositions, mediations or answers to the questions on the texts every now and then.
  • The Skype chatroom is online and can be used for questions at ayn time and for a weekly „Jour fixe“.
  • The motto for then next 12 weeks is: Don’t panic (and never forget where your towel is)!
Exam preparation



1. Religion in the USA and the UK


2. Economy in the USA and the USA


3. India between tradition and modernisation


April 20 – 24

April 27 – April 30

May 4 – May 8

May 11 – May 15

  • Exam preparation week  – workshops
  • Written exam: work on Abituraufgaben – get feedback
  • Oral exam: work on your factfiles, ask questions – get feedback